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Who would win: robert blake or saddam hussein?

I love people who take the time to think about stuff like this. See the list over at utter wonder?.


Hey, Robert Blake, maybe after you asked five or six people if they’d kill your wife you should have figured they might TELL someone if YOU did it. And to those people who were approached: Could you have maybe mentioned it to Bonnie at some point? Are they facing any kind of charges for not going straight to the police when he asked?

I really wonder if it was his “celebrity” that made him think that killing another human being would improve his life. Does jail never cross anyone’s mind? It does mine. Every time I inhale, as a matter of fact. This would be the primary reason I’ve never done recreational drugs. Or shoplifted. And prostitution is out of the question because about 20 years ago I actually knew a girl who was arrested for that, and if I ran into her today (and I think I might have last week, which is why it’s fresh in my mind) I could think of nothing except the fact that she was/is a prostitute. We could both be in our 80’s and I’d be thinking that. Who needs to have that following you around for the rest of your life? (Memo to OJ Simpson: Take notes)

Oh, and all those of you out there who have been offered $10k to kill me, could you let me know so I can maybe buy a disguise or something?

(Hmmm. I wonder if I should go over and make this an Open Letter. Probably, huh?)