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What Day Is This?

I have completely lost track of the day of the week, I kid you not. Kept The Boy home with me again…his cough is just so nasty, and I don’t want to force his daycare provider to have to make sure he takes it easy. Easier for me to just keep him here. Of course, I’m aware that every day he doesn’t go it’s going to be that much harder to get him back there. And then there’s the whole “Gee, I’m paying her for watching him and he’s here with me.” That’s an excellent use of my financial resources. Oh well, what are you going to do. If I was working, this would be a non-issue, he’d be there and I’d be at the office.

He’s eating “Waffle Stix” this morning. Prior to today I refused to buy them because they are about twice the price of regular frozen waffles, and I’m not in a position to pay extra for, well, marketing. But yesterday in the store he asked for them and I figured if it gets into his body, I’m ahead of the game. So far he’s eaten 2 of them…3 of them equals a regular-sized waffle. I’m going to count that as a full meal. Whew. I also splurged on orange-pineapple juice. They really need to put more pineapple and less orange in that mix. I think I’ve had this conversation before…I should just buy straight pineapple juice.

Oh, and as for the weather. Geez. I had hoped that February would be a vast improvement over January. The sun rises earlier and sets later (I can’t begin to tell you what that does for my outlook on life) and yet, the 5-day forcast says today will be the warmest day with a high of 25, and the lows will be below ZERO (without wind chill, my friends) for most of the week. By Sunday, the low will be 10. Woo hoo. According to this forecast, we’re expecting 1-3 inches of snow, and 25-35 MPH windes, giving a wind chill of -15. You’ll forgive me if I have no interest in ever leaving my house again.

I could REALLY use some spring flowers right about now. In my yard. And less snow. None, in fact.