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Wednesday Is Job Search Day!

Okay, every day is job search day, but today I’m going to work extra hard at it. I have two recruiters to call for follow-ups, just for starters. The big reminder of why this is so important is that the Department of Employment and Training website and phone system have been down for 3 days now (today is day 4) so nobody has been able to file their unemployment claim for last week. Normally we’d be getting checks today, but we haven’t even been able to call in the claim, so the checks haven’t been cut, never mind mailed. Do you think they’d have information on what to do on their website (i.e. go to your local office instead)? That would be nice. I tried calling this morning and the line was busy…that NEVER happens.

HELLO? State of Massachusetts, little help here!

I did joke with the manager at Office Max that I should work there for the employee discount and she offered to get me an application. I’m torn about taking a part-time job, because if something full-time came up, it might impact my ability to work certain hours. I don’t know that it would be fair to the store, you know? On the other hand, I could use the money. I guess I’ll wait for another week or two before I make that decision.