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Swim Lesson Day

I hope we can get through this morning without losing a major piece of the car. I got the estimate from the insurance estimater…over $700. Yikes. And while I’ve given my story over the phone several times, now I have to file out a written report. All this because someone ELSE backed into ME. I wonder if they ask you a bunch of times trying to trip up your story. There are only so many ways one can say “I was stopped in a parking lot and a guy backed into me.” Oh well, at least today I can ask the parking lot guy if he actually saw what happened and can be put down as a witness (if they need one). I’m guessing he didn’t see it actually HAPPEN, unless he looked up when I beeped my horn.

But enough about that, I don’t want to dwell on it any more than I have to every time I see the front of the car. Because I can’t get it fixed until the insurance company gives the authorization to pay. Sheesh.

On the good side, I made a perfect cup of coffee for myself this morning. I sucked that mug DRY. Mmmmmm coffee. Oh, and I did more research on other houses similar to mine and what they sold for and are valued at. I think if allowed to actually TALK to the assessors in person, I could explain my point and hear theirs, and I’d feel better about whatever was decided.