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SURE it’s worth that much

My request for a property tax abatement was rejected. Apparently an extremely similar cape (same development) with a garage sold for $242k. So they valued my house for $233 with no garage. I don’t think I’d have a problem with this if the house next door, which is a colonial with a garage, slightly more living space and slightly larger lot, wasn’t valued at 5k LESS than my house. I refuse to believe my house without a garage is worth more than her house with a garage. They were built in the same month. Same footprint. If I were house shopping I would NOT pay more for this one than that one. Period. It doesn’t have a garage, for goodness sake!

They tell me a garage only adds about 7k to the value of a house. I think the person who paid 242k for the cape up the street is the person who had a major malfunction, that’s what I think. Grrrrrrrrr.