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Pee in a Cup

It’s a big day for us. In about 20 minutes I’m taking Junior to go pee in a cup for the first time. It’s the testing part of his physical (they don’t do it at the office, you just go to the Quest lab and do it there.) He’s already told me “no pinches” which is what he’s calling shots. Uh oh, he’s due for a blood test. This could be ugly. If they do it with a needle he’ll freak at the idea, and if they do the pin prick he’ll freak because that actually hurts MORE.

I’ve told him I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do, but that he has to go or I can’t sign him up for kindergarten. He really can’t wait to go to school so this is actually a bargaining chip for me. In another couple of years, not so much.

He told me he was going to practice peeing in a cup, and I happened to see him put a Dixie cup on the FLOOR. “STOP! STOP! That’s not how you do it!!!”

Whew. I told him we needed to use the cup THEY gave us, so he should just wait. Good thing I was in the room!