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Month: February, 2003

I Don’t Like Chocolate Ice Cream

I just don’t like it. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t mind vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on it. But try as I might, I just don’t like chocolate ice cream. Tonight I had a small bowl (no, really) of Breyers’ Light Vanilla-choc-strawberry combo. I bought that flavor because a)it was “light” and b) this was the only light flavor that came in a container with “15% Extra” [free]. But I’m not digging the chocolate. If I eat all the strawberry and vanilla, and leave the chocolate (or rent a kid who will eat it) then what was the point of the 15% extra? I left 33% behind.

Next time I’ll just get a flavor I like. And it won’t be the butter pecan, because that was just vanilla with gigantic nuts in it. I mean, if you LIKE that, Breyers in the way to go. Whole pecans.

Ed, Edd and Eddie is on right now. (Well, it’s on the TiVo). For one of the first times, I actually laughed out loud at something that happened in this show. If you’ve never seen this show, it’s not going to be as good. You have to know Ed.

Edd: [As Eddie loses control of a tractor, accidently going in reverse] That’s really something I’d expect you to do, Ed.


Ed: That’s really something I wanted to do.


Great Balls of Fire!

Holy cow, the wind last night was HORRIBLE! And it came from the west instead of the south, like it usually does, so it was hitting the front of the house full-on. I swear, the way all the windows were rattling, I was positive we’d have some damage by morning. Kept me up most of the night, actually, simply because it was so violent.

Its nice this morning, though, in a cold sort of way.


More Birds

Okay, I swear I’ll stop posting pictures of the birds in my yard unless I get a really interesting one. After these posts, that is.

Junior got to see a woodpecker life and in person today, but it was too far away for my meager little digital camera to handle. If anyone wants to send me an expensive, high-end camera with a good optical zoom, I’d be happy to sit by the window waiting for him come back to my neighbor’s yard.

We didn’t make it out to the booksigning, but as I told someone in private email, I already have a signed copy of the book. I was only going to go to inflate the crowd. Oh, and before I forget, at one point today we had booming thunder around here and a downpour. Freaky weather this winter.


Before I Forget – Random Families Book Signing tomorrow

Head over to the Leominster Barnes and Noble (289 North Main St) at 2pm to meet Adrian Nicole Leblanc and have your copy of Random Families signed! And yes, I verified the time in the local paper. If I can get the boy out of the house, I might go just for support, you know, to make the crowd even bigger. I’m sure Junior could have his arm twisted, he loves the book store.

I bought myself some purple tulips this afternoon because Shaws has them on sale. I cannot resist sale tulips. Ever. What with all those spring robins hopping all over my lawn, I was filled with the spirit of spring.

Purple, red or pink, for those of you taking notes.


One of Dozens…

This guy and a couple dozen of his friends were hanging out today. I have to tell you, I was delighted to see them.

I just wish they weren’t so skittish. I wanted to get a better photo, but this will have to do.


At the Feeder

It was worth getting snow in my boots and all over my pants to refill the birdfeeder with more expensive seed.


Ask A Simple Question…

Get a really really complex answer.


Melty Melty

It’s very warm out, I mean, relatively warm, in the 40s. But some of my snow and ice isn’t melting because it isn’t in the sun. I think that’s totally unfair. I was checking my mailbox (nothing yet…where are youuuuuuu Mr. Mailman?) and hit a patch of black ice. Did that weird arms “akimbo” dance and dropped a brand-new notebook into the snow, messing up at least half the pages. I’m just lucky I didn’t fall or pull something. But why the hell was there black ice anyway?


NOT what I had planned for today

Some schmoe decided to try to park his truck closer to the curb by backing into me this morning in the Y parking lot. Right. I was standing still, and he used his bumper to remove my grill. I hope Junior doesn’t actually retain ANY of the language his lovely and demur mother used when it happened. sigh



Off to swim lessons. The Boy has actually amazed me with his enthusiasm, given that he’s afraid of getting his face wet and to this day washing his hair is torture. I think a LOT of the credit should go to his instructor, Allen. Wish us luck.