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Lawn Watering Follow-Up

I was going to reply to a comment from CT Karen in the comments section, then decided it would be more appropriate to make it a full-fledged entry.

I don’t have a well, and I do pay for my city water. I was exaggerating a bit when I said I would be watering the hell out of my lawn all next summer. For the past few years there have been water bans in town, last summer we were on odd-even for months. Low levels in the reservoir. The thing is, the extra 56 inches of snow will be a big help. But it won’t solve the problem. The problem isn’t a lack of rain and snow, the problem is our city has added hundreds and hundreds of new homes in the past, say, 10 year, and yet, nobody has raised a finger to look for additional water sources. We have had the one reservoir, Notown, since I was a kid. Okay, so add 1000 families (homes, apartments, etc.) to this mix. What’s the average usage per family per day? Okay, so doesn’t that tax the system? If you have n gallons of water available, the water level WILL BE LOWER THAN NORMAL because you haven’t ever adjusted what NORMAL is. Duh.

That’s like rationing the milk in my fridge because it’s a lower level than normal, not taking into consideration I added permanently added three people to the household. I can’t ration the old amount of milk I bought…I need to buy a new amount of milk. Or a cow. And in the water scenario, Leominster needs to buy a cow, as it were.

Anyway, I don’t water my lawn much – usually only if I’ve fertilized. I think it’s a huge waste of time, money and water. But I would like my son to be able to run under the sprinkler when it’s 90 degrees out. I’m hoping 56 extra inches of snow will help.

p.s. Would the department of public works find it in their hearts to please knock down the mountain of snow at the end of my street so I’m not killed trying to pull out into traffic. It is literally impossible to see.