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I Guess I Did Okay

My personal war with my mailman seems to be over. It wasn’t a big war, just a little one. See, we got 2 feet of snow last week (Monday night). I spent half an hour digging out my mailbox Tuesday. He delivered mail. Then, Wednesday there was mail. But Thursday there was no mail, which was very sad because my unemployment check and a check for the balance of a website I designed were expected. Fine. Friday, there was…no mail. Which is odd, because I don’t usually go two days in a row without.

Saturday, I get mail. A big pile of it, wrapped with a rubber band (elastic, if you’re from here, which I am). There is a sticker on the front that says I need to clean the “approach” to my mailbox or they won’t deliver. WTF? For two days it was fine, THEN it got bad? And that aside, it was really pretty well cleaned, but they had a problem with the “approach”. I’m confused. When I have a package, this same guy will walk up to my back steps to drop it, but cannot move at ALL when it comes to leaving checks in the box. Okay, so this counts against you come Christmas bonus time. Why was it okay on Tuesday and Wednesday and then not okay Thursday and Friday, is my question?

Also, this leads me into another rant – why are the plows not plowing closer to the side of the road? We’re talking in excess of two feet away from the actual side of the road. Are they doing that everywhere? Are all streets losing 4 feet due to sloppy plowing? Seems dangerous, no?