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Hello Chocolate!

Funny thing…I was just looking at my user logs (which just gives a domain, don’t worry, I don’t know who you are) and saw someone from the Department of Justice. Hmmm. Well, I know the worst thing I’ve done lately is…hmmm. What’s the worst thing I’ve done lately? I kid you not that nothing is coming to mind. Okay, probably broke the speed limit, but not much else.

Anyway, then I see someone from Hershey USA was here, and that’s my new favorite Dump Reader. Hey, Hershey, if you come back, I want to be your new best friend! I like many many of your products. Feel free to hook me up with samples, and I will review them online, so it can be written off as a marketing expense!

Oh, so the funny thing is that when I got my hair cut Monday night, Peggy the hairdresser was talking to a guy about vacations, and was wondering when Hersheypark opened for the season. I told her I’d look it up on the web and then promptly forgot until I just saw that listing in the log! So thanks Hershey, for coming to visit! I need to call her and tell her the park is open for the full season on May 9th, but is open the weekend of April 18-20 for a special weekend where you pay as you go for rides. I think that’s too late for when she wanted to go, though.