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Tis snowing. I wonder how much we’re going to get. I’m hoping for um, none, but because there is actual snow falling, I know I’m going to get more than none.

We’re playing Animal Crossing here today. Day two of the fever, actually. Poor kid missed his first swim lesson, he was devastated. I haven’t told him he’s probably going to miss a birthday party tomorrow too. That will be WORSE because he was going to get to be a pirate at the party. I’m actually bummed about that one. Poor kid…it’s an odd illness, mostly a fever. I keep wondering if it has something to do with his MMR vaccination from last week. But would it take a whole week to hit him?

Anyway, Animal Crossing…I had a question I was going to ask people who maybe have been playing for a while. Is there no way to get a fishing pole until Tom Nook has one available for sale? What about pears…how am I supposed to get Portia a pear? It’s obviously winter in “boston” but we have peaches. Do random trees sprout other fruit as a few days have passed?

That’s the problem…it’s a real-time game, but that means it can be a little slow. Like I really want them to deliver some more mail to me…but do they only do it once a day? *sigh*