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Better Today…Finally

I think we’re on the upswing. The nasty cough lingers (I think it’s bronchitis, actually) but we were both pretty bright-eyed this morning…I took a shower and then gave him a bath (which wiped me out, briefly) and then he had all sorts of energy. He ran down to the basement to play Arthur on his computer and I actually did some of the dishes that have been piling up. (I did a load in the dishwasher the other day, but didn’t empty it, so it was almost easier to just hand-wash the mugs and plates that were on the counter.

So, here we are. I can’t believe that I need to rest from such ordinary activities as doing dishes and making breakfast, but there you go. I need to go to the bank later so I want to give myself a little break before I do it. I need gas and I’m going to go to the full-serve place. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m so wiped that I can’t even pump gas, but there you go. This is NOT a fun illness. But thanks for all the get well notes, I do think we are getting well…finally!