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Airport Story

Oh, so briefly I’ll share Mr. Dump’s airport adventure with you. He had a ticket for the 8:15pm British Airways flight to London. Got to the airport around noonish. They checked him in, assured him it would take off. He and I were both skeptical, but we’re not the experts. He got on the plane and I started watching the online flight tracking. No sign that it took off. Still watching. It says the flight is “on time” but it’s now 45 minutes after he was supposed to leave. I check the BA website…it still says estimated to leave at 6:05. Hmmm. So around 7:10 it says “departed.” Cool. I can’t believe his plane got out, NOBODY is getting out of Logan.

At 2:30 AM the phone rings…it’s Mr. Dump. I assume he’s telling me he’s in London. He’s telling me he’s still in Boston. Spent 7 HOURS sitting on the runway, no food, barely any heat. Eventually they realize that sitting there all that time, there’s ice and snow in the engine. They get everyone off the plane, give them back their luggage, and shuttle them to an Embassy Suites, where he has to share a hotel room with 3 strangers. I cannot think of anything I’d like less. That means sharing a BED with strangers, mind you. It’s boggling my mind, but hey, there were 400 people on that plane.

He was back at the airport by 10ish this morning, and their plane is now scheduled to leave at 5, as an add-on flight because the regular 6:05 was already booked up. Oh, and the 8:15 BA flight? That one did take off, albeit very much later than 8:15. But why did the the 8:15 take off and not the 6:05? Who knows. I am just glad *I* wasn’t the one stuck sitting on a plane for 7 hours in a snowstorm. I’ve had to sit for 4 hours on a plane on the taxiway, waiting for a thunderstorm or some nonsense to pass, but not 7 hours. Yuck.