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Trendy and Popular

I decided I want to be trendy and popular today, so I’m going to jump into the fray and comment on the Bloggies. Those are awards giving out to blogs, sort of like the Emmy Awards, except Price Waterhouse isn’t in charge of the voting. They probably should be, given all the nonsense about them being fixed.

It’s not surprising. It’s almost impossible to have any kind of contest on the web without SOMEONE figuring out how to cheat and stuff the ballot box for their favorite entry. Even people with deep pockets have had contests mucked up this way. Popularity contests are like that.

But regardless, I’ve been a web presence since 1996, and I’ve YET to even make the first level of nominations. Never been narrowed down to semi-finalists. Ditto finalists. Ditto winner. I know, I know, it shouldn’t matter. But it does. I wanna be a web deity. Is that so wrong?

Looks like maybe I don’t have enough angst to be trendy and popular. Apparently being an unemployed, broke, single mom isn’t enough if you don’t bitch and moan about it every day. But if I did, that would be a fake “me”. I’m just not full of angst (not every day, anyway). And I don’t actually want to be perceived that way, even if it would get me a bloggie award. So there.