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The Broke Diaries

Erin, a fan of The Broke Diaries left a comment in the previous entry because she was looking for a place to chat about that book, and the author is/was a fan of THIS site and it’s one of the links on the book site. I mean, that’s one of my very very favorite links, and it’s a REALLY incredible book. You should buy it (and read it).

I am going to do Erin a favor, because I know there’s nothing on the book site for fans to comment or even send fan mail. I am going to set up a page where people can write comments about that book. Give me a few hours to figure out how to actually write the danged thing, and I’ll put a link over in the right-hand column, ‘kay?

Thanks Erin, for the idea! Anyone remember Spy Magazine? They used to print the Letters to the Editor for the New Yorker because the New Yorker didn’t? That will be me!