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The Big DumpTruck

Excellent. What a nail biter. (Actually, as I was typing this, ready to give up on the game, Oakland blocked the kick and ran it in. Wow, that’s some excellent football. I guess this means I can’t change the channel yet.)

Too bad Shania had to go with the lip synching…Even my father was saying “Gee, that blond is running all over the place and SHE can sing live, and Shania can’t even do it standing still.

Seriously, if you can’t sing live, don’t go. It’s not going to help you (except maybe Shania’s outfit will make the point moot). It can only hurt you.

Dixie Chicks? FREAKING BEST version of the national anthem EVER! I had big doubts, and they took my breath away.

Bud Lite? Why does anyone else bother to advertise. My vote for 3 best commercials (I feel safe voting now, because I can’t imagine anything better than these.

1. Bud Lite “The Referee is a jackass” just barely edges out

2. Bud Lite Clown “I don’t think so.”

3. H&R Block w/WIllie Nelson

Honorable Mentions:

Osbournes Pepsi (needed a better writer, but any commercial with Ozzie and Donny and Marie is gold, baby)

Trident (why the 5th dentist voted no)

Bud Lite shell stuck to his ear.