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The Alarm Clock

I loved loved loved yesterday’s Fussy entry about her new alarm clock. Every time I think of it I giggle. And then I laugh. I have the same clock, or maybe a model up or down, and those noises (birds, brook, ocean, wind) will NOT wake me up. The beeping and radio barely do. This morning instead of hitting snooze I hit the off button, but was coherent enough to realize I’d done it, so I forced myself to not snooze (because I probably would have slept a whole hour longer, given the opportunity.

Enough with the dark skies in the morning. And the past week of snow (yes, every day) hasn’t helped. I need the sun shining in the morning. I need it to light up the room like a nuclear explosion. I want my shadow burnt onto the wall. Even my son, who used to bounce out of bed with the birds, grumbles at me “It’s still nighttime” every morning when I start the 20 minute ritual of waking him. (Yes, I know, we need to go to bed earlier, but I think the boy is like me, and if it’s dark, he’s not going to wake up. Period.)