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Sim Vacation

I am a member of a mailing list for Top Five List contribs ( and lately conversation has drifted to the Sims (Online and the Pet expansion pack). I need to find my Sims CDs because I don’t think I ever loaded the game on this computer, and I want to play it. I know I have the Livin Large expansion pack, and maybe possibly the party one, but in Target today I saw the Vacation expansion pack and that’s the one I think I “need” most. Hot Date might be fun but depressing (oh, look, not only do *I* not go out, but my Sims can’t get a date either!). And I don’t want to do the online version. I know it’s hard to believe, but for as many years as I’ve been online (and that dates back to the BBS I ran in 1987) I’ve never been into live “chatting”. Exchanging volumes of email, sure. Even conversing here in the comments section. But not live chat. When I play JT’s Blocks on Yahoo I don’t even notice that there are conversations going on in the window below me (except for that one time there was a catfight going on between two women about this guy they knew).

Anyway, it was $30 at Staples and the same at Target. $30 seems a lot for an add-on to a game I haven’t played in a year, which is why I’m going to find the disks. Not that I can afford to buy it right now anyway, but I’ll put it on my mental shopping list.

Which for some reason reminds me: I need to get my license renewed by Monday. Don’t let me forget!