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Month: January, 2003

What day is it?

Geez, I had other things to do tonight, too. Like figure out if there’s a way to get the commenting software I use to open in a separate window (instead of below the entry). I think that might mean changing commenting software, though. I don’t have time to do that right now.


The Broke Diaries

Erin, a fan of The Broke Diaries left a comment in the previous entry because she was looking for a place to chat about that book, and the author is/was a fan of THIS site and it’s one of the links on the book site. I mean, that’s one of my very very favorite links, and it’s a REALLY incredible book. You should buy it (and read it).

I am going to do Erin a favor, because I know there’s nothing on the book site for fans to comment or even send fan mail. I am going to set up a page where people can write comments about that book. Give me a few hours to figure out how to actually write the danged thing, and I’ll put a link over in the right-hand column, ‘kay?

Thanks Erin, for the idea! Anyone remember Spy Magazine? They used to print the Letters to the Editor for the New Yorker because the New Yorker didn’t? That will be me!


Swiper, No Swiping!

Hey, did I remember to tell everyone that my 2.5 year old niece decided how my birthday cake should be decorated, and I am the only 38 year old with a Dora the Explorer cake? I think so!!!!

The new license photo….eh. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. The DMV child was a grumpy gus and I think if she’d been nicer I wouldn’t have accepted the first photo, but there’s always that fear that the 2nd one will be worse! The really cool thing is that I took the eye test without my glasses and passed, so I’m not legally required to wear glasses while driving! WOO HOO!!!! That’s a load off. I will drive with glasses, I always do, but I just didn’t want the restriction on my license for those times when I’m out with only my sunglasses and suddenly the sun goes down. I think it’s probably more dangerous to drive at night with sunglasses than to drive without. And now I don’t have to worry!


Oh Just Great

Checking Tomorrow’s Forecast:

Tomorrow: Windy with a few clouds from time to time. Wind chills approaching -20F. High 12F. Winds NW at 20 to 30 mph.

Tomorrow night: Mostly clear skies. Wind chills may approach -25F. Low near -10F*. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph.

*That’s just the low. Not the wind chill. Happy birthday, have some frostbite.


The Big DumpTruck

Excellent. What a nail biter. (Actually, as I was typing this, ready to give up on the game, Oakland blocked the kick and ran it in. Wow, that’s some excellent football. I guess this means I can’t change the channel yet.)

Too bad Shania had to go with the lip synching…Even my father was saying “Gee, that blond is running all over the place and SHE can sing live, and Shania can’t even do it standing still.

Seriously, if you can’t sing live, don’t go. It’s not going to help you (except maybe Shania’s outfit will make the point moot). It can only hurt you.

Dixie Chicks? FREAKING BEST version of the national anthem EVER! I had big doubts, and they took my breath away.

Bud Lite? Why does anyone else bother to advertise. My vote for 3 best commercials (I feel safe voting now, because I can’t imagine anything better than these.

1. Bud Lite “The Referee is a jackass” just barely edges out

2. Bud Lite Clown “I don’t think so.”

3. H&R Block w/WIllie Nelson

Honorable Mentions:

Osbournes Pepsi (needed a better writer, but any commercial with Ozzie and Donny and Marie is gold, baby)

Trident (why the 5th dentist voted no)

Bud Lite shell stuck to his ear.


Catch You After the Game…

I’m headed out, big bag of Ruffles in hand. Someone tells me there’s some kind of football game going on this evening…


Superbowl Sunday

Got my plans for tonight. This year is going to be much less exciting than last year, I mean, last year WE WON. That really improves the game boatloads.

My contribution to the party at my sister’s house is chips and dip. Can you believe that until I called there might not have been any at this shindig? And she calls herself an American!

It’s going to be 30 today, so I’m going to look for some shorts and a t-shirt. Actually, I’m only half kidding. Yesterday I went to get the mail without a coat on for the first time in 2-3 weeks. (I normally do this. If nothing else, it wakes me up.) You just cannot understand what it does for your mood to have it be any warmer at all after the past couple of weeks. To be happy about 30 degrees is just too funny.


Is This Thing On?

Zoinks, that virus/worm thingy really did a number on my DSL service earlier this morning. I think I’m back…at least for a little while, right? Sheesh, that was unpleasant. Oh, the angst!

More angst, you say? Um, the only bottle of Diet Pepsi in the house is flat. FLAT I TELL YOU! I have a caffeine headache because I’m out of half and half, and the cup of tea didn’t cut it. So I just drank a glass of flat diet soda (which had an expiration date of 5 days ago.) ANGST! I should have used the soda to wash down some Tylenol, actually.

So why don’t I just buy some half and half, you ask? Well, because I’m “between cash” right now. I’ve got two checks due in from BirchBark work I completed last week, and I know one got mailed today. But even when it gets here it won’t be available to me for what, 2 days? Anyway, my new unemployment claim still hasn’t been processed. It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t heard from anyone as to whether or not I a)qualify, b) what the benefits will be. I’m actually very very nervous about this. I wasn’t going to lay any REAL angst on you guys, but right now I’m completely consumed with trying to figure out little things like how to pay for a refill on my thyroid medication. Ahhh, I remember the good old days when I was employed full-time and being worried about something like this was inconceivable.

Next thing that gets cut from the budget is going to have to be my DSL service. You don’t even want to be here when that happens, let me tell you. The day I do that, I’ll have to turn this page black in mourning.

Other than that, it’s a blue sky day, the birds are ACTUALLY eating from my birdfeeder…first time in weeks I’ve seen them do that. I don’t think they like the seed I have in there, they seem to waste a LOT of it. But replacing it with something they like is very very low on the list of priorities. Silly birds.


You Want Angst? You Got It.

Here’s the note from the maker of my dish scrubby sponge:

“Please be advised that the product you described has been discontinued and

is no longer available for purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience

that this causes you.”

Time to drink myself into a stupor. I can’t live without these scrubbies! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!!!


Trendy and Popular

I decided I want to be trendy and popular today, so I’m going to jump into the fray and comment on the Bloggies. Those are awards giving out to blogs, sort of like the Emmy Awards, except Price Waterhouse isn’t in charge of the voting. They probably should be, given all the nonsense about them being fixed.

It’s not surprising. It’s almost impossible to have any kind of contest on the web without SOMEONE figuring out how to cheat and stuff the ballot box for their favorite entry. Even people with deep pockets have had contests mucked up this way. Popularity contests are like that.

But regardless, I’ve been a web presence since 1996, and I’ve YET to even make the first level of nominations. Never been narrowed down to semi-finalists. Ditto finalists. Ditto winner. I know, I know, it shouldn’t matter. But it does. I wanna be a web deity. Is that so wrong?

Looks like maybe I don’t have enough angst to be trendy and popular. Apparently being an unemployed, broke, single mom isn’t enough if you don’t bitch and moan about it every day. But if I did, that would be a fake “me”. I’m just not full of angst (not every day, anyway). And I don’t actually want to be perceived that way, even if it would get me a bloggie award. So there.