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Is This Thing On?

Zoinks, that virus/worm thingy really did a number on my DSL service earlier this morning. I think I’m back…at least for a little while, right? Sheesh, that was unpleasant. Oh, the angst!

More angst, you say? Um, the only bottle of Diet Pepsi in the house is flat. FLAT I TELL YOU! I have a caffeine headache because I’m out of half and half, and the cup of tea didn’t cut it. So I just drank a glass of flat diet soda (which had an expiration date of 5 days ago.) ANGST! I should have used the soda to wash down some Tylenol, actually.

So why don’t I just buy some half and half, you ask? Well, because I’m “between cash” right now. I’ve got two checks due in from BirchBark work I completed last week, and I know one got mailed today. But even when it gets here it won’t be available to me for what, 2 days? Anyway, my new unemployment claim still hasn’t been processed. It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t heard from anyone as to whether or not I a)qualify, b) what the benefits will be. I’m actually very very nervous about this. I wasn’t going to lay any REAL angst on you guys, but right now I’m completely consumed with trying to figure out little things like how to pay for a refill on my thyroid medication. Ahhh, I remember the good old days when I was employed full-time and being worried about something like this was inconceivable.

Next thing that gets cut from the budget is going to have to be my DSL service. You don’t even want to be here when that happens, let me tell you. The day I do that, I’ll have to turn this page black in mourning.

Other than that, it’s a blue sky day, the birds are ACTUALLY eating from my birdfeeder…first time in weeks I’ve seen them do that. I don’t think they like the seed I have in there, they seem to waste a LOT of it. But replacing it with something they like is very very low on the list of priorities. Silly birds.