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Is that the sun?

Don’t tease me…I mean it! If that’s the sun maybe the dinosaurs won’t die during this ice age! Okay, now I’m being silly. But really, it’s a nice day. Cold, but the only snow is already on the ground, not ready to fall everywhere. (Of course, the same may not hold true for tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m not getting ahead of myself.

Really, the reason I’m in such a good mood is because I treated myself to a cup of coffee at Dippin Donuts. And I did my grocery shopping in a nearly-empty store. Yes, there are new toilet bowl scrubbers in my bathroom (can you guess I’d put off buying cleaning supplies, etc. for as long as humanly possible? That’s the shopping trip where you get three bags and it costs you a million dollars. But there’s nothing like a fresh clean toilet bowl scrubber to make you feel like a woman of the world. Well, that and coffee in a take-out cup.