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I Knew It!

I don’t want to say I told you so, but man, the story in today’s Worcester Telegram about AT&T breaking the terms of their contract to upgrade everyone’s cable service does NOT surprise me. AT ALL. First it was Continental Cablevision, which was bad enough. I hated dealing with them with a passion. Then AT&T acquired Cablevision (and a first round draft pick) and I got my hopes up. Finally, a company who would appreciate the over 30,000 people living here! But they said it would be years before they would start the process that would allow customers to have the proper lines for high speed cable and cable modems.

At that point I threw up my hands and bought a DirecTV dish. And then a few months ago, Verizon called to tell me DSL was finally available in my area. Boom, I’m ready to speed off into the future. AND I don’t have to deal with that horrible awful terrible AT&T office on North Main Street in Leominster. No parking, hostile employees, and the place gives off the vibe of the part of the police station where you go to pick up your personal effects. NOBODY can pick up equipment except the person on the bill. AND the office closes at either 5 or 6 during the week. Excuse me? I have to take time off from work to pick up a new cable box? Are you out of your freaking minds? Why are the people of Leominster putting up with this kind of treatment???? They have a monopoly on cable service in this town, and you get better treatment at the unemployment office, or the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

And today’s article (I’d link but the Telegram decided not to let people read anything for free…pity) says they aren’t starting on the upgrades. Yet. They had three YEARS to plan this out…they knew the lines sucked…and yet NOW they’re boo-hooing about it. Well this is just soooo typical. Some little rinky dink town like Lancaster (no offense, I love Lancaster, but what, 300 people live there?) have had digital cable modems for YEARS now. At least FOUR.

If this opens the door for some other company to come in, I hope they do things right, bulldoze that dammed AT&T office and start fresh with everyone who lives in this town. We deserve it.