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I don’t want to post a whiny rant today, so I’ll talk about coats for a moment. I have several. My favorite is the jean jacket I got at a warehouse sale for $10. Can’t beat that with a big stick. I have a windbreaker from the same sale, same price, but it’s actually a little too big for me. Damned men and their lack of hips. I wanted a $10 windbreaker, though and I got it. My winter coat is from LLBean and it’s the toastiest thing I’ve ever owned. I’ve almost got the whole zipper thing worked out (there’s a slight flaw with the zipper but I didn’t want to give up the coat to exchange it, so I am just learning to live with the zipper needed a bit of extra attention.)

For looking good, dahling, I have a long wool coat that needs a button sewn on it. I think I’ll add that to this week’s to-do list. Or next week’s. Oh, and I also have the long wool coat I got when I was pregnant with Junior. It’s actually a big wool cape-like coat, and it has a faux leopard collar. I love this coat, it’s just wonderful, but it’s like 2 sizes too big because I bought it when I was about 34 weeks pregnant so that I could leave the house once in a while. It fit pregnant me, not current me. And because of the style, it’s too flowy and I’ll get all cold and stuff if I wear it now.

I’m sad about it, because it cost a small fortune (have you ever priced women’s coats?) at the time, and I DO love it. But not enough to gain all that weight back.