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Chuck Barris

I was reading James Lileks rant about Chuck Barris and I had to write him the following note:

“I am one of the 17 people who read that book when it came out. I didn’t get the feelings of loathing you did…I just assumed he was completely full of sh!t from top to bottom.

For years, if his name ever came up I’d throw out “Hey, did you know he was a CIA assassin?” and everyone would look at me like I had not two but three heads. And now do you think those people will come back to me and say “I’m really sorry, now I understand what you were getting at”? No. No they won’t.

I half wish I still had the book so I could prove to people that I owned in years ago, but maybe it’s just not that important a point to make.”

Now I’ve read his column twice, and I guess I’m still not sure why he detests Chuck so much. I guess the world will never know.