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Changes Brewing

I was thinking this morning (always with the thinking!) that maybe it’s just time to merge the main dump page with this here blog. They do both serve the same purpose. And I now am getting more traffic to the blog than I do to the main page. I think that’s the kicker for me. Plus, it’s a lot of extra work to do the main page, which, quite frankly, pretty much contains the same type of content you are reading right now. When I’m writing, I don’t sit and think “Now is this more of a Dump entry or a Blog entry?” It’s more that when I figure a Dump is due, I just write there instead of here.

So, you ask, how are you doing to make this seamless? And what about the email notifications of dump updates? Well I don’t know. I haven’t figured any of that out yet. I will, eventually. I don’t think this will happen overnight. In fact, I know it won’t. But this is just your heads-up. I know last time I considered doing this I actually asked folks first what they thought of the idea and the response was to leave things as-is. Well, I’m not going to ask this time. If I lose readers, well, I guess that can’t be helped. Although I have no idea WHY I would lose readers. Anyway, which me luck trying to figure this out.