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Weather Update

Just let me know if you’re tired of the weather posts. But remember, if I can’t talk about the weather, I will need something else to fill the space, and there’s not much to talk about here except maybe meal recaps and a play-by-play on my potty breaks.

It’s snowing again. 1-3 inches, they say. “They” could do us a favor and throw us a lovely 55 degree day, just so I can stand in my driveway for more than 2 seconds when I don’t have a coat on. I’ve been in this state for almost my whole life, and I cannot remember a recent fall that has had weather this cold and snowy. I mean, I’m sure there have been plenty, but November and now early December have just been mind-boggling. Tomorrow’s high? In the 20s. If it’s windy I’m just not even going to leave the house until Wednesday.