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So Far, So Good

Aaaah, a normal Saturday. I wonder if it’s busy out there in the Real World? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t bothered to leave the house. Not that I wouldn’t, I have no problem venturing out. But I haven’t had the need. I have food. I have drink. I don’t have any presents to buy. Ahhhhhhhhh.

But please, someone needs to tell me where the Spanish cartridge for Kasey the Kinderbot ended up. I don’t think I opened it, so it will be in a box, about 5 x 8 or so. And yes, I’ve looked in all the normal places. I just don’t know that it actually came home from my mom’s house with us. She says she doesn’t have it. I really don’t want to have to pay to replace it, seeing as it CAME with Kasey. I find this stuff VERY frustrating, because it makes it look like I’m a slob or careless, and that just isn’t the case. And yes, I have already dug through the trash. Twice.