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Month: December, 2002

No Complaints Yet

We started delivering the presents wrapped in the wrinkled up paper, and so far nobody has said anything about it. Then again, who is going to complain when they are getting a free gift? I wouldn’t, that’s for sure.

I’m very angry with the unemployment office today. I made my weekly call (or tried to) first thing this morning, thinking that if I got in early, I might get the check by noon on Tuesday. Got through the whole routine (and let me tell you, it’s a total pain in the arse, and take about 5 minutes of button pushing every week) and right when I was supposed to get my confirmation that I entered everything I needed to, I got a message that there was a problem with the system and I’d have to try again later. GRRRR. So I did…same thing happened. I’m SO done with that. I’m NOT calling again and going through everything to get an error message. Why not have that come up FIRST? Sheesh. So my weekly claim may be in, but I doubt it is. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


That Paper

Oh, ya, I forgot to mention, that wrapping paper is my internet wrapping paper. It has pictures of Santa’s computer, Santa on a cell phone, Santa taking pictures of Rudolph with a video camera. Text on the paper says “Click Here” “Boot Up” “Cyber Santa” and lists a couple of web addresses that seem to be owned by people trying to sell me things via pop-up, so I won’t include them here. It’s cute enough in person, but in that photo below it looks positively quaint!


Am I Done Shopping?

I think maybe, just maybe, I’m done. I have a couple of art projects that we’re working on that need finishing, but I don’t think I have to spend any more money. In fact, the distribution phase has begun. Okay, I need to go and push Junior to hurry up and finish these projects. Sheesh!

Oh, and for you in the back, this is a photo of why you need to keep the kids away from the wrapping paper.


Christmas Specials

The main dump has been updated (click link at the top of this page) and the list this time around is about Christmas Specials. I invited people to come over here if they thought my list was incomplete, so here is the official post where you can correct me.


Ah, Monkeys

Just when you think the world is kind of boring and normal, CNN gives you this:


New Blog in the List

I just added a link to CUBICLE DWELLER. in my blogroll list. You’ve GOT to go there and read about the preparations for Canadian Christmas. I hope after the 25th he puts everything in the correct order somewhere on his site to download. I just love it.


Xmas Specials

I’ve got so many Xmas specials programmed into the TiVo that I’m starting to have them scroll off before I get a chance to watch them. EEEK! That’s BAD! Good thing I recently bought a dozen blank VHS tapes on sale. Today’s transfer to tape is the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. After that I’ll probably do some of the oddball Xmas specials – The Town that Christmas Forgot, Fairly Oddparents Christmas (Can I please get the Fairly Oddparents songs out of my head? If it’s not “I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas” it’s “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” This show just has the BEST songs.)

So nobody admitted where they’re from. That’s okay. You can be anonymous. I don’t mind. I’m going to pretend you all live in Bangor Maine. It’s just easier that way.


My Christmas Present to Me

I was going to buy myself jewelry, but then I decided I really really really wanted a copy of The Complete Goofy on DVD. I’m going to watch Goofy learning how to drive until my eyes bleed!


It’s Not Just a Tissue You Always Use…

Stole this link from Mr. Pants. God I love Mr. Pants. He makes me smile. Anyway, you don’t need to load the japanese character set to enjoy Tissue-San.


Wed Nez Day

Did I miss Tuesday somehow? Very odd. Of course, I wasn’t near a computer until almost 8pm, so that would explain it. I guess I should update you on the Monday entry.

Cards. Found ’em. They were in my bedroom (of course!) on the floor in a box (of course!) I don’t think anyone came close enough to “win” the “prize”. And I did not find a white bra or a dozen picture froms…sorry ladies.

So what should the next comments questionnaire be? Shall I ask “Where are you from and how did you find this site?” That sounds like a good one.