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Okay, It’s Not the WORST But It’s Close

I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer this weekend to give my poor hands a bit of a rest. They aren’t happy with me right now. Anyway, I had company most of the day yesterday, so I missed the “good” day to put up Christmas lights and whathaveyou. So I did it today because it’s December 1, dammit. Only problem is that it’s about 40 below zero out there with the wind chill. So putting lights up was just not pleasant.

The last string I did I was in full wind exposure on my deck. And the stupid ratzen fratzen string of lights? Only half-lit. It was ALL lit when I tested it, so something happened between step A and step B, and we’re not talking to strings of lights connected. This is ONE string of 100 lights, and the first 50 are off. I’m NOT going out there again to fiddle with it. The neighbors will just have to think we have suckier than usual decorations on the deck.