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Like an Addict

I was in BJ’s earlier today with my parents to return a Hepa air-purifier they bought me/us for Christmas. The damned thing made my bedroom smell like it was on fire the other night. I actually had to open the window to get the smell out. To me, that indicates a problem. This is my third air purifier, and while I know there is a smell related to the breaking in period, this was NOT normal. Plus, the fan inside was out of balance, so it made a v-v-v-v-v-v-v sound, instead of a steady whooshing noise. In case the two were related, we just returned it.

I give BJ’s returns a huge thumbs up. Two in fact. I was very very happy with how easy it was. To celebrate, I turned around and bought $50 worth of stuff that I didn’t know I needed. Well, that’s not fair. I went in specifically to buy C batteries for a present I know Santa is bringing that needs six of the damned things. (Yes, I will be getting a charger than does “C” batteries but that wasn’t in the budget. I don’t really use C’s for much around here. AA and AAA are the favorites by far. And they had a great deal on fake fireplace logs and blank VHS tapes. All three of those items were on my list.

Anyway, now it’s back to the drawing board for a hepa air purifier. Maybe I’ll earmark a few hours to do that on Wednesday.