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I am Very Very Angry

Excuse me, but what was wrong with the British version of Robbie the Reindeer? Why do we Americans feel the need to remake things? Are the networks afraid that the folks in middle America won’t be able to enjoy the show simply because the characters have English accents?

I accidently found this tidbit out on the web, which linked by to the official Britney Spears website, where they say the following:

“Ben Stiller plays the title personality in two 30-minute 3D animated specials, while Jim Belushi, Hugh Grant, and Ben’s dad Jerry Stiller play other supporting roles. Britney plays Donner, who is trying to steal Robbie’s attention from fellow reindeer Vixen.” (December 13 on CBS)

WTF? Don’t they know that in the REAL version of Robbie, Donner is played by Jane Horrocks of AbFab and Chicken Run fame. The voices MAKE that movie, and to this day I use Robbie’s “Oh Dear” ALL THE TIME.

I’m angry. I love Ben Stiller, but I’m angry.

I’ll probably watch it so I can complain about it. Plus I want to see what they do with the 2nd episode. But I’m still angry.