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Christmas Eve

Santa has only three more gifts to wrap. I think everything else is all set. Now we just sit and wait. Actually, we decide if we’re going to the 4pm mass with my family (will The Boy and I burst into flames if we set foot in the Church?) and then do Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. And then wonder if we’ll make it out of the house tomorrow because apparently as a laugh, God is dumping a foot + of snow around here, starting at daybreak. Yea. That’s JUST what I wanted. Forget having lunch with my whole family, I’d rather stay here and try to figure out what to eat.

Do I risk going to the grocery store? No freaking way. It would have been busy enough with just the people buying last minute Christmas food. Now they’ll be buying storm food too. Oy, what a nightmare. Well, I have the staples here already, so if it’s horrible, we can have the traditional grilled cheese dinner. Mmmmmmmm. (NOT)