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Month: December, 2002


From the announcement e-mail that went out telling 157 people that there is a new issue of the Main Dump ready to read:

So I’ll see you all next year, when I float around town completely covered with

roses, tree bark and mustard seeds, sponsored by the Kodak company.

(I’ve always wondered, would “dirt” actually qualify as a legal Rose

Parade Float material? It’s all natural, right? But nobody uses it.)


Happy Last Day of 2002

I am so done with 2002. Enough is enough is enough. I’m ready to plunge headlong into 2003. I’ve got the maple syrup, I’ve got the waffles, I’m ready for anything.

No plans for the evening. I could do some first night activities here in town, but I don’t know if I’d get my money’s worth out of the badges, and things are very tight. I’d rather take The Boy to the movies. Hell, maybe we’ll do that. He’s unaware that it’s New Year’s Eve. Actually, I’m not sure he completely grasps the concept of years, other than that he knows he’s about to turn 5 years old.


Le Dernier Lundi de 2002

Did I write that correctly? Well sue me, at least I tried. The last Monday of 2002, and I woke up feeling very yucky. I’m going to ignore it and soldier on. But please please please tell me this isn’t the start of a cold or flu. That will make me sad. Very very sad.

To top it off, looks like we’re in for more weather tonight. Could be an ice storm or 4-6 inches of snow. You know, the lesser of two evils. If I’m in full cold mode by morning I will NOT want to mess with snow and ice, I can tell you that right now.

So I’m off to order The Boy’s birthday cake. He wants one with Arthur on it. I’m going to Joyce’s because I love their cakes. Mmmmmmmmmm. Cake.

Did I forget to mention here that the other day I decided I have maybe outgrown frosting? I’d been looking forward to having sugar cookies with this green Christmas frosting on it. So I made the cookies, put the frosting on three of them…and couldn’t eat it. Gah, how much sugar can one human ingest? Was it me, or was it the cookie-frosting combo? So sad was I. So I built it up in my mind for weeks only to not eat more than half a green-frosted cookie.


So Far, So Good

Aaaah, a normal Saturday. I wonder if it’s busy out there in the Real World? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t bothered to leave the house. Not that I wouldn’t, I have no problem venturing out. But I haven’t had the need. I have food. I have drink. I don’t have any presents to buy. Ahhhhhhhhh.

But please, someone needs to tell me where the Spanish cartridge for Kasey the Kinderbot ended up. I don’t think I opened it, so it will be in a box, about 5 x 8 or so. And yes, I’ve looked in all the normal places. I just don’t know that it actually came home from my mom’s house with us. She says she doesn’t have it. I really don’t want to have to pay to replace it, seeing as it CAME with Kasey. I find this stuff VERY frustrating, because it makes it look like I’m a slob or careless, and that just isn’t the case. And yes, I have already dug through the trash. Twice.


Dad Jetpacks Into the 21st Century

My sister and BIL game my dad a digital camera for Christmas this year. NIIIIICE camera too. I can’t wait to see how they put it to use. I should set up a website for him, but I’m sure it would just add to MY workload. Ya Dad, if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you!


Candied Pecans

I made candied pecans this morning. I don’t even know if they’re good or not. I think the pecans might be a little on the old side, and I’m wondering if that would affect the flavor of them. Or make the mushy. Because I expected the nuts themselves to be a bit crunchier then they are. Other than that, they’re pretty tasty. I may have to try this same recipe with other types of nuts.


Shopping? Not Really

I don’t think what I’ve been doing counts as shopping. See, I’ve been looking at some of the add-on kits for the Imaginext Battle Castle Santa brought us. Apparently you can only get these sets in Europe and Australia, even though the box came with an insert with pictures of all these products. And the pictures are also on the Fisher-Price website. But I cannot find any ANYWHERE online. And the FP customer service person was oh-so-helpful. So I’ve spend the afternoon searching for them. That doesn’t count as shopping, does it?


Snow Thank You

Jeebus, what’s with all the white stuff? Is it too much to ask that we not get more than 4-5 inches of snow at a time, and make it that fluffy stuff please? Got up this morning and had to get rid of a driveway full of snow. It’s dambed windy out there so you get the joy of some of the snow blowing back into your face as you snowblow and/or shovel. I hate when that happens.

I can’t tell you exactly how much we got because it drifted all night. Some spots were up to my knees, and there was one area where you could almost see grass. Very odd. According to the only reports I could find, we got about a foot. That seems about right. And most of it dropped in a single hour.


Merry Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope the snow doesn’t screw up anyone’s happy holiday. We’re expecting 10-20 inches. I’m not a happy girl, but what are you going to do?

Off to mom’s for ravioli…


Christmas Eve

Santa has only three more gifts to wrap. I think everything else is all set. Now we just sit and wait. Actually, we decide if we’re going to the 4pm mass with my family (will The Boy and I burst into flames if we set foot in the Church?) and then do Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. And then wonder if we’ll make it out of the house tomorrow because apparently as a laugh, God is dumping a foot + of snow around here, starting at daybreak. Yea. That’s JUST what I wanted. Forget having lunch with my whole family, I’d rather stay here and try to figure out what to eat.

Do I risk going to the grocery store? No freaking way. It would have been busy enough with just the people buying last minute Christmas food. Now they’ll be buying storm food too. Oy, what a nightmare. Well, I have the staples here already, so if it’s horrible, we can have the traditional grilled cheese dinner. Mmmmmmmm. (NOT)