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Well, That Takes Care of That

Somehow, my hiding under a rock for the past few months caused McDonald’s french fry recipe to slip by me undetected. What the hell were they thinking? I don’t go there for health food. I go there to eat fries. The best fries on the planet. The fries you can no longer get at McDonalds. Gah, the flavor is all gone. And to make matters worse, I tried a bite of Junior’s chicken nuggets tonight and THEY don’t taste the same anymore either. For goodness sake, what the hell are they thinking? It’s enough to make me never go back again. We’ll ignore them screwing up my burger (“Okay, do I need to say it in a foreign language? JUST KETCHUP!”). But if the fries don’t taste the same, what’s the point? I certainly won’t have cravings for them anymore, which in the grand scheme of things, is probably good.

But I’m still angry about it. Maybe they should have called CocaCola first to ask about that whole New Coke thing.