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Turning Into My Mom

At the grocery store this morning I asked for a rain check for maple syrup. Now prior to today, if there was a sale on something and the shelves were bare, I would just come back later in the week, if at all. I mean, Barq’s rootbeer will be on sale again in the future, right? But this was 80 cents off, and that’s too much to ignore. So now I have a rain check. I hope I don’t lose it.

In other grocery karma, I made lunch Saturday for the three kids, and we blew through the rest of my tuna, my american cheese, a loaf of bread, and a big bottle of “Elmo Punch”. I was amazed. Well at the store today, everything on but the bread was on sale(!) The tuna, regular-sized chunk white, was only 77 cents a can! I bought 5 cans. I mean, I normally pay about $1.29 for the same brand. Same deal for the cheese and the Elmo Punch. It was very weird to have a list in my hand and have most of the items on it be on sale.