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The Yuckies are Coming

As a nine-year-old who watches a little too much of the Weather Channel told me this morning, tomorrow is going to be a “mixed bag”. Woo hoo! I hope it includes a lot of heat and wind! What? No? You mean ice and snow and rain? Well that’s not the kid of “mixed bag” I like.

Oh, and I’m going to give you ONE warning…if you get an email from telling you you need to give over some financial info? It’s a scam. I don’t think the site is up anymore, but I’m warning you just the same. If my research last night is correct, it’s some college wanker who set up the domain about 3 weeks ago. “Somebody’s going to Ja-il.” I can’t wait to read about this in the news. I sent everything off to ebay as soon as I got it. The funny thing was looking up the email address the guy used to register the domain. He posted to a CGI programming group that he needed someone to write him some financial software and that “money is no object” or something like that. Didn’t it occur to him that he could be traced?