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The Crackling of the Fireplace…the Hum of the Laptop

Junior passed out on the couch watching Atlantis. I actually feel the same way about that movie. So I carried him up to bed an hour an a half or so earlier than he usually heads up. That means Mama has the house to herself and a fire in the fireplace. It’s a better scene for romance, but I don’t have any of that nearby, so my trusty laptop will have to do. You all understand, I hope.

A 2pm trip to Bolton Orchards to buy apples turned into an all afternoon affair with mom and dad. Mom went downstairs with Junior to play on the computer with him, and dad and I watched football. I think he thinks I watch way more football than I actually do, simply because after 20+ years of HIM watching it all weekend, then the 9+ years Mr. Dump did, added to my fantasy football team knowlege, and suddenly I’m someone’s dream date – a gal who can follow a football game and actually get into it. I do feel obligated to make comments about their uniforms, though. I mean, it’s my job, right?