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The 2002 Holiday Season

I won two prizes in the Hallmark Keepsake Sweepstakes, according to the little pull-tab entry things I’ve been receiving in my People Magazine. So I went down to pick them up…I got a little box of chocolates, and a copy of the 2-tape set of Gulliver’s Travels (the Ted Danson Version). Well, I’m not looking a gift tape in the mouth.

Oh MAN the store has such awesome Christmas stuff in it! I could have spent all day and hundreds of dollars in there, I swear. And the smell…there’s nothing like the smell of Christmas, even if it’s just Christmas candles and potpourri. Mmmmm. I’m really in a kind of a holidy mood now. Helping on that score is the fact that it’s flurrying outside, and that there’s a Tony Bennett Christmas special on TV tonight. That’s right, a Christmas Special. We’ll ignore the fact that the Peanuts Thanksgiving special isn’t until next week.

Hot Cocoa, anyone?