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Month: November, 2002

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone! It’s such a relief to be done! So now I can sort of say I wrote two novels. I just need to edit them to make them readable. I had hoped to make this one available after I was done, but man, it’s going to need a LOT of editing. Plus, it isn’t done. And there isn’t a plot. You know, all the things one would want to have in a novel someone else would be reading.



NaNoWriMo 2002 Winner


Shopping? Are You Crazy?

Well, actually, under the right circumstances, I probably would have. But with Junior hovering around, it’s not all that easy to do that Santa shopping. I think I’ll be waiting another week or so to get the rest of mine done. In the meantime, we just hung out, watched Cinderella II (yawn), Dumbo, painted, made flowers, and played with the Little People Nativity Set.

One fun activity related to that: having Joseph park the donkey behind the stable after letting Mary off. Yes, this a child of the 21st century…


Turkey Coma!!!!

Home from my parents. Hate that long five minute drive. I love a meal that includes 4 different kinds of pie.


Happy Thanksgiving!

A special thank you to everyone who visits my little home on the internet…knowing that people out there like me enough to visit me on a regular basis makes my whole day, every day.

Thank you!


French Canadian Tourtiere

Okay, for those of you in the back who are reading but not joining the conversation, here is a link to the French Canadian Meat Pie upon which (I believe) the meat stuffing I mention is based. I can only assume that those of you who live south of a certain point don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. That’s okay. We’re here to help. French Canadian Tourtiere.


Today’s Question

Dressing/Stuffing: Meat or Bread?

Use the comments function to vote.


So Much To Do, So Little Time

Man, taking yesterday off to go to the Science Museum was heavenly, but I really shouldn’t have. Now I’ve got too much to do today because tomorrow is another holiday. I’m taking my computer to my mom’s house, and everyone can yell at me but I don’t care.

For all those of you leaving today to travel for T-day, drive/fly/ride safely.


No, it’s NOT too Early to Listen to Holiday Music!

I cannot get the Maybe This Christmas cd out of my head. The songs get stuck in there and then I have to listen to the CD again and that resticks some of the songs. I gave this a 5 star rating…I think it’s worth every penny I paid for it.


Katie Couric is On My List…

I recorded the Wiggles on the Today show to show Junior later on, and watched it to see how it went. Katie Couric, showing a complete lack of good manners, insults the guys by asking if they are ever embarrassed jumping around, instead of waiting for an answer says the she decided they “must be embarrassed all the way to the bank.”

Okay, not cool. This isn’t a 60 minutes interview. It’s a morning live concert with a ton of kids in the audience. They don’t need to hear crap like that. They don’t think the Wiggles do this for the money, they think the Wiggles do this because they love kids. And that is why they do it. But the guys weren’t allowed to respond to that, the show ends there. So this is the last impression we get – the guys trying to look amused after being insulted on national TV. I don’t understand what would make someone be so rude on live television.

Guys, Try Good Morning America next year.