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Yesss! *high five*

At quarter of seven (while I was safely snuggled under the covers) I heard a truck pick up my recyclables. I am the man! Er, the woman! When I hopped out of bed a little later, I glanced out the window and saw at least two houses that didn’t have their rubbish out. Hmmmmm. (tee hee!) And that truck was early because I assume it was just flying around on its route without needing to do too much stopping.

But by 8:45, when I added a little more to my barrel and dragged up the recycle bin, I saw at least 3 houses now had barrels or bags out. So either they heard the truck this morning or they saw my empty recycle bin on the side of the road. There. At least I didn’t screw up. Today. I can’t vouch for tomorrow.