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Sure, They’re Laughing Now…

I realized that today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, which means I needed to do trash. I was not a happy camper, as it’s pouring rain and dark out. I crossed my fingers that it’s a trash holiday, but according to the piece of paper with the trash calendar on it, no such luck. So I grabbed the recyclables (cause, you know, it’s my luck that it’s not just a simple trash night, it’s both) and the trash and went out to deal with it all. Ah, lovely wet weather we’re having today. So I drag the barrel to the end of the drive while pushing the recycle bin with my foot, and I look around – nobody else in sight has their’s out yet.

That means they are looking at each other’s drive, and saying “Well, if XYZ doesn’t have it out, I won’t put mine out.” And they’ll see mine out and laugh at me. But when they have to store their trash for a whole extra week, who will be laughing? This happened in this neighborhood before, for the record. The trash guys just flew through the neighborhood driving past all the houses, and they made an assumption about Chez Dump. I took great pleasure in watching them have to back up when they realized the we were on the ball. Maybe after tomorrow I will be the unofficial “house to watch”. That’d be cool. I actually watch a house up the street sort of across from our road. An older couple lives there and they are always right on target with holidays, and whether or not it’s recycle day. Well HE didn’t have his out. But maybe it was in a dark back and I just couldn’t see it. I just feel confident that I’m right about this. Wish me luck.