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Month: October, 2002

Let Me Let You In On A Little Secret…

You know all those great weblogs out there with deep and meaningful philosophical musings? Well I find them boring. Can’t plow through them. I could agree 100% with everything they say, but dammit, it’s not what I’m looking for when I go blog hopping. I want to be entertained. I want to smile. I don’t want to plow through 200 words on why the economy is in the toilet because the Federal Reserve blah blah blah bloat. But you know what? Part of me is jealous that I’m not able to provide the world pithy and timely observations about Microsoft or Tyco or any other story the Wall Street Journal lives for. I would like to be that kind of site, where people link to you just because it makes them feel in the know. Instapundit comes to mind. Sites like that. I’ve been there, I’ve read some of the stuff, and after a while it all blurs together. Maybe the flaw is with me, that I don’t force myself out to find these sites and learn from them. I’m too busy looking for pictures of babies and stories about Wal-Mart adventures. Because I’m shallow. I guess I need to work harder to be good, quality shallow.


Here’s the Little Dickens…

I promised a photo of my favorite little clown!


Standard Time

Ahhh, the best day of the year. The only thing missing is someone giving me presents. I just love the first day of Standard Time, what with the free hour of sleep. Mmmmm, good times.

The weather is WAY better than I’d hoped, so the parade should be fun today. I’ll take my camera with me and maybe I’ll share with you guys.



Googlism : is a fun way to kill a few hours. I entered a bunch of stuff…and one of the things I entered was the word “Mookie”, which is what I used to call Junior (for those of you who haven’t been around since 1997). I figured maybe something about my kid would be in there. Well, there were lots of terms, and I looked for one that sounded like it might refer to something I wrote…and danged if I didn’t get it right on the nose! If you do a googlism search for Mookie, about half way down is “mookie is not clinging to my leg” When I went back and entered that into regular Google…there it was!

Funny thing is that one other match that I thought MIGHT have been a match wasn’t about my kid, but it WAS on the site of a friend of mine. Small world.


Hot Wheels vs. Matchbox…

Okay, I want to state right here and now that Matchbox car sets kick butt compared to the HotWheels equivelant. I have no stake in either, other than that when I or someone else buys one, I have to put it together. I get to see the quality.

I don’t know why Hot Wheels keeps putting out crap, but I assume it’s because people keep buying it. God Bless, because there were sets I was thinking that maybe might not be as bad as some of the others I’ve already bought, but danged if every single item listed is three stars or less. I mean, all of them. Some twos and ones. The reviews could be written by the “it falls apart when you touch it” robot. And I’ve seen this first hand.

The Matchbox stuff, for instance, this construction site set is made of steel compared to the Hot Wheels ones. AND it gets about 4 stars from reviewers. I give that one 4. So what I’m saying is, DON’T buy the Hot Wheels stuff unless it’s on clearance. And don’t blame me if it’s fragile.


New Filenes Makes Me Mad

We have a new Filenes here in town. It opened last week. I haven’t been in it because it would just be torture. Nobody goes to a clothing store to browse. But today I needed to go look for something at Toys R Us to finish off Junior’s clown costume for Halloween (we’re going to a costume parade tomorrow), so we headed down. It was bad enough that I was dealing with a billion people headed for the mall because it’s pouring rain. THEN I realized that the Toys R Us parking lot is now the Filene’s parking lot. When Bradlees was still there, the parking lot was 2x as big as it is today. Filenes is in the middle of where we used to park. And of course, a billion people are checking it out today. So yes, I’m grumpy. I’d like my parking lot back thank you.


8th Place

Now tell me. Why is it that after blowing it in the Fantasy Baseball league on Yahoo, I signed up not only for the Fantasy Football league but the Fantasy Basketball league too? In the FFL, I’m in 8th place. That’s after two weeks of getting ZERO points for my quarterbacks. One week the QB I was playing was worth 0 for his activities, while the guy on the bench would have given me 22 points. Then last week I had to swap them, because my 1st string guy (Fiedler) is out for about 6 weeks with a broken finger. I’m so disgusted that I have crappy quarterbacks. I don’t WANNA be last!


Cheat Codes

Am I teaching Junior the wrong things? I mean, am I being a bad mom for finding the cheat codes for games like Spyro so he’ll have 99 lives? He’s kind of young to be restricted to only 3 lives, y’know?



It looks like someone may have hacked into It looks like (so far) the damage was minor. My content is all there, but one of the links points to a hacked page (not mine, on their site). I did immediately

a) Go to my server and change my passwords, and

b) download copies of all my blog files. Worst case, I can rebuild. This just forces me to do that backup to CD that I’ve been meaning to do all week.


It’s Fry Day!

Another day, another happy chance for you to watch me. I put a picture of me over on the right…if you click it, I think it will open the page the way it’s supposed to. It may not, I mean, I’m trying as hard as I can. I also turn the camera off once in a while. I also walk away from the computer. Cause, you know, I’m not Crazy Glued to this chair.

In other news…I wonder how the snipers will feel when we set them up on the world’s biggest shooting range and let all the residents of the mid-atlantic enter a lottery to see who gets to take shots at them while they run around, helpless. I’m just sayin’.