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New Filenes Makes Me Mad

We have a new Filenes here in town. It opened last week. I haven’t been in it because it would just be torture. Nobody goes to a clothing store to browse. But today I needed to go look for something at Toys R Us to finish off Junior’s clown costume for Halloween (we’re going to a costume parade tomorrow), so we headed down. It was bad enough that I was dealing with a billion people headed for the mall because it’s pouring rain. THEN I realized that the Toys R Us parking lot is now the Filene’s parking lot. When Bradlees was still there, the parking lot was 2x as big as it is today. Filenes is in the middle of where we used to park. And of course, a billion people are checking it out today. So yes, I’m grumpy. I’d like my parking lot back thank you.