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Finally! Jonah finally arrived at my local theater, a mere two weeks after it opened “nationally”. It was a very very cute movie, well done, with awesome animation, and great music. I personally loved the story but I can see that some people not interested in seeing a Bible story animated for the big screen might avoid it. I think they’ll be missing out, but that’s not my problem.

Personally, I’m just sorry that my least favorite Veggie, Archibald, was the “star” but truly he did share the screen with Larry enough to make up for it. Plus, his travelling buddy Khalil stole the whole movie. In the car on the way home the 3 kids (11, 10, and 4) were quoting a LOT of his lines. Hell, the 4-year-old quoted a whole section of the movie…I didn’t think he normally memorized dialog until he had seen something at least twice, but there you go. If you saw the movie, he did Jonah’s speech when Khalil snacks on the tree….

Anyway, it’s definitely worth a look, and I was happy to see quite a few families in the theater… not a bad afternoon, given that we only had to pay the matinee rate. And boy, am I glad I already own the soundtrack…we’ve listened to it like 4 times since 6pm yesterday.