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Countdown to Jonah

With a complete lack of anything else meaningful to do I am in prep mode for the release of Jonah this weekend. I suspect that I’m too excited and it will have to disappoint me. I’m willing to risk it.

I found a copy of the soundtrack to Jonah on sale and picked it up. Oh my gosh, what fun! There were some people complaining on Amazon that the songs aren’t all done by the Veggie gang, but I have to tell you, my two favorite songs on the soundtrack are done by real contemporary Christian rock/pop bands. Now My CC collection begins and ends with Michael W. Smith, but I’m not averse to expanding my horizons. Either way, the song “In the Belly of the Whale” by the Newsboys should be on every radio station’s playlist in a few weeks. That is an AWESOME song. Great writing, great production, I just love it.

Okay, enough about that. I need to start thumbing through a book I bought on web-based training. I know that writing blog entries is more fun, but that’s actually career-building stuff.