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Computer-Generated Animal Abuse

Boy, the way those Rhinocs smack the little panda bears around in Spyro 3 is just criminal. Of course, you know I’m kidding and I only wrote that to see what turns up in the google searches a week or so from now.

But they do smack them around. I think the funniest one is when they are dressed up like hockey players and they slap-shot the ice skating Panda. She has a North Dakota accent, for the record.

Ya, can you tell we’re still playing Spyro 24/7? Right now Junior keeps asking me to do stuff for him because “it’s too hard.” I’ve realized he’s just being lazy about it, and doesn’t want to make more than 3-4 attempts before giving up. The new mantra is “If it’s too hard then you’d better turn it off. Either that or just keep practicing.”