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I have to tell you, this is the first time I’ve been sitting at home when some big news thing has happened, and it’s just freaky to be able to watch CNN instead of waiting for the wire services and the CNN site to update. It’s so silly, I’m so used to just relying on the web for my news, that even after I got the email that someone had been arrested, it didn’t occur to me to put the television on until one of my friends said she was watching. Duh! The television!

Of course now I’m getting a little tired of listening to the talking heads speculate about stuff. Live pictures of an Exxon station. I mean if this turns out to be nothing (which I actually don’t believe will happen…I think this person was involved somehow) then CNN gave a LOT of advertising time to Exxon.

Oh, and people, buy a digital camera. Let’s not rely on a Poloroid camera to take pictures of breaking news outside your car dealership. (But it was interesting to see the CNN cameraman trying to get a good shot of a blurry Poloroid photo. “Okay, that blob over there is a policeman…”

Okay, I’ve gotta turn this off for a while and get some work done.