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Month: October, 2002

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!


Ah! My Eyes!

I was over at Yahoo playing with the themes, and I set it to Halloween. Now I can’t change it. Please tell me I won’t have to stare at all this orange and black for the rest of my life.


Random Thoughts

Just trying to get them out of my head…

– What would happen if I just left the air conditioner in the window all winter?

– Do I really have time to make pumpkin cake tomorrow?

– Should I wear a costume just to hand out candy? If so, which one?

– Why are Burger King french fries so horrible?



You know, I really like the Kix with the little fruit shapes. I think maybe they should market these to adults who want sweet cereal but don’t want to be on a Cap’n Crunch high all day. Works for me. Only thing it needs is a bit of caffeine. I didn’t have any yet, and my head is starting to hurt. I realized my “All Kix” breakfast probably wasn’t enough.


Little Big Man

Was sitting here with Mr. Dump being amused by Junior. Some of the things he says just amaze me…they shouldn’t come out of a kid that young.

Me: “The next time someone asks you how old you are, you should say “35”.”

Junior: “Oh, okay”

Mr. Dump: No, that’s not how old you are. How old are you really?”

Junior: “44”

Okay, at this point I had to wipe tears out of my eyes. I wanted to give the kid $10 for being so damned funny.


My NaNoWriMo Blog

This year, instead of cluttering this blog up with all my NaNoWriMo stuff, I started a special blog, just for that. The “Contest” begins on November 1st, so you slackers still have time to sign up. It’s not like anyone has an edge, we all start and end at the same time.


Strep, Day 2

He’s really acting like normal. I remember getting strep as a kid and wishing I was dead. He’s downstairs, singing Christmas carols. He keeps trying to tell me he feels well enough to go visit grandma and grandpa. I told him he’s stuck with me until tomorrow. I’m stuck with me too. Of course, the minute you hear that your kid is contagious, you can think of a million things you just HAVE to do outside of the house. Well, I only have to wait another 8 hours before the contagious part is gone, I think. I’ll probably keep him home one extra day, just because I don’t want to take any chances with the other kids who go to his daycare. I mean, I’d expect the same consideration, right?

Other than that, it’s a lovely day, and I think I’ll bundle him up and send him outside for a little while. A little fresh air will probably do him good, right?


Oh crap

The Boy (TM) has strep.


Where is my Head?

You know things are bad when you and the the little sick boy are watching an Alvin and the Chipmunks halloween movie I TiVo’d, and you start thinking “God, they really made Dave [Seville] look really hot.”


Someone Else’s Yahoo

Can someone explain to me why the stories listed on My Yahoo haven’t been updated since yesterday? I’m sure there are things occuring in the world. I hate to have to rely on someone else for my news headlines, but I’ve been waiting ALL MORNING for them to fix this. The most recently updated info is from 4am on 10/27. Ugh.