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Woooha, we got us a sweat-er

It’s late September, and I wanted to go to the Bolton Fair today. It just didn’t work out. Junior seems to have been hit by some allergy thing, as have I a little bit, and it’s freaking hot out there. I mean, not July hot. Well, sort of. It was about 87 and very humid. It was just a sticky gross day and I had visions of the Sterling Fair from two weeks ago dancing in my head so I decided not to push it. I think being hot and sticky while sneezing and with a runny nose could have resulted in the mother tantrum of all time at some point. I think it’s better to just write off the fair this year, and look for something next week that will maybe kind of sort of take its place, even though nothing can. I mean, this is a fair where the midway can’t be seen until you’re in that particular field, so it would have been ideal for us. We just wouldn’t go down to that part of the fair, y’know?