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Uh, No Thanks

I will not lie…I love to browse around Amazon’s website. I put things in my cart, I ad them to my wishlist, I remove things from the cart and wishlist, etc. I visit Amazon daily, in fact, to check out the Gold Box offers. Because you never know when the world’s greatest bargain will be in front of you. As I sit and think back to the heady days of the boom when online stores would sell you stuff for pennies (literally) just to get you as a customer. Oh man, I saved SO much money by shopping online back then. Anyhoo, I was just looking for something I actually need over there, some replacement blades for an electric razor. I found my model, the Remington WDF-5000 Women’s Shaver. The replacement parts are $20. Okay, I’ll put them in the cart until I can check around to see if that’s the going price.

But what the hell is this? No button to add to cart? Oh, they must be out. But look, there’s a button to ORDER IT USED. Now I don’t know much about a lot of things, but I do know that the last thing I want to buy is used razor blades, electric or not. I cannot even comprehend this. It’s bothering me so much that I just emailed amazon to tell them. We’ll see if they reply.